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Nikes or Flip Flops?


So what do Telecom Expense Management "TEM" and shoes have in common?

 Let's start with a question. Which type of company are you?

  • A company without TEM?
  • A company that switches TEM vendors frequently?
  • A company which is happy and secure with your TEM?

But wait. Before you answer that question, consider another one. To meet all of life's challenges, which kind of shoes would you prefer to have on hand? 

  • No shoes (ouch!)
  • Flip flops
  • Nike's

No this is not a trick question. Most of us would reach for the Nikes (or pick your ergonomically designed track shoe).

But when it comes to managing the communications technology within your organization, why do so many IT and Telecom managers continue to buy and replace with cheap solutions that don't go the distance (think "flip flops") or, worse yet, tough it out with nothing at all?

No question, it would be awesome if you could really get everywhere you need to go in life either bare foot or just tossing on a pair of flip flops from time to time. But you can't. And for today's businesses, there is a lot of rugged terrain out there, especially when it comes to managing your technology. And the landscape changes regularly. Suppliers come and go, merge and often end up with offerings that look nothing like what you originally bought into. So where you were yesterday with your TEM may not be what you need tomorrow.

So if you've guessed that TTI is the Nike's shoe you'd be right. Because sometimes you need to cover a lot of ground quickly; you can't afford to get slowed down by old solutions that lack the flexibility to adapt to new interfaces and manage and control new technology.

Many TTI clients have been with us for years and we've been proud to help them navigate some rough roads and help them celebrate some of the great savings they've enjoyed over the years.

Maybe it's time to stop flip flopping around and invest in a platform that will get you where you want to go; protecting your valuable assets in the process; for the long haul.

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About TeleManagement Technologies, Inc.

TeleManagement Technologies, Incorporated (TTI) provides Telecom Expense Management and Call Accounting solutions designed to effectively track, integrate, manage and protect an organization's information technology resources. TTI's TEM solution, WinBill®, has developed a reputation for an impressive ROI, with clients reporting savings of 300% or more! WinCall® Call Accounting tracks all domestic and international locations regardless of PBX type (analog, digital, VoIP) to facilitate internal bill back, identify PBX toll fraud and increase employee productivity. Extensive reporting capabilities are also included for planning purposes. TTI's experienced, responsive support team helps keep CFOs and IT/Telecom departments in total control of their technology expenses.

Since 1987, TTI has been designing software products that provide a better solution to managing corporate technology, inventory, expenses and services. For more information, visit

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