WinBill’s powerful Order Desk application provides the full life cycle for telecom services in a browser based experience for employees to request, provision and submit to vendors IT Work Orders, Trouble Tickets and more!

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WinBill® Order Desk
Provisioning and Work Order Tool

In order to effectively manage your IT network, the starting point for organizations is the ability to centralize the ordering, procurement and lifecycle of telecommunications services. From the initial request of services through the engineering process, a custom work flow and approval process is critical to managing and delivering cost effective and easy to use IT provisioning.

Among its many features and benefits, WinBill® Order Desk provides a centralized work request and work order database for your entire enterprise.

Any employee can create a work request, which is automatically emailed for management approval, then sent to the Help Desk to procure services, and eventually emailed to the vendor for installation of services. Vendor events are easily tracked and monitored for SLA compliance.

Customers can create their own order forms, field layouts, and instructions in order to assure proper information is submitted for every order. An extensive Work Flow Approval Process allows organizations to have the system automatically follow internal work flow procedures.

Several extensive reports will give organizations status of outstanding work orders, past due orders and much more. Reports are viewed online or exported in other formats.

TTI’s team of professionals will work closely with your organization to create the Work order Forms and Templates, Order Instructions, Rules, Work Flow Process and Reporting Requirements in order to assure the application meets your business needs and internal work flow.

Create your own Vendor Specific Order Forms
Define Field Settings, Requirements and Rules
Use your own Field Names and Data Sets in List Boxes
Create Vendor Instructions
Automated Work Flow and Email Notifications
Email work orders to Vendors and Automatically Populate Data
SSL and Encrypted Security Access
Extensive Reporting and Alerting Functionality

Flexible, Custom Defined Work Orders

WinBill® Order Desk is a web based solution designed to streamline the ordering and procurement of IT related services (ie: Telephone Services including Wireless, Local and Long Distance, T-1’s, etc.) for your organization. WinBill® Order Desk Work Orders can be tailored to meet the needs of organizations by utilizing custom fields, and relationships that will automatically populate values based around your custom criteria. Drawing(s) and/or diagrams can be inserted as well as other types of related file attachments to reference within the work order to facilitate the life cycle of IT telecom services and simplify the ordering process. In addition, you can create your own on-line specific help documentation to assist users who are adding information to work orders to assure continuity and accuracy of inputted information.

Triggers and Alerts

Keeping track of work orders in the work flow process is critical to the successful procurement of IT services. The WinBill® Order Desk web based solution can automatically notify you of the status of work orders and can provide a complete approval process for each item. Notification of missed installation dates or passed dates will mitigate latency with new services. WinBill® Order Desk will notify you prior to the due date and after due date for effective IT installation problem solving.

Users and Dynamic Workflow

WinBill® Order Desk allows you to group users into roles and assign privileges and capabilities to individuals to set user specific functions. An Administrator can create these roles to fit the users in regards to what can be created, viewed and manipulated in the system. These can include being defined by Hierarchy, amount of order or by groups. WinBill® Order Desk can auto generate user reminders and queue notifications for all users. Common fields of information can be auto populated within WinBill® Order Desk. Selection of vendor, e-mail, telephone numbers, employee name, department number, manager name and the employee’s location are just a few of these fields, saving valuable time and effort. Templates can be built based on vendor ordering requirements or based on the service being ordered (e.g., Local BTN service, cellular, etc.) and are web based for easy access and completion.

Work Order Event Tracking

Knowing the status of open work orders allows you to effectively track vendors’ Service Level Agreements (SLAS) and their commitments to your organization. WinBill® Order Desk can automatically send e-mail notifications when work orders are changed, modified or delayed to keep users up to date with the process of their pending order for service(s).

Flexible User Profiles and Settings

As with all TTI applications, WinBill® Order Desk allows for complete end user flexibility to meet your business objectives. Field names, reporting levels, user privileges, accessibility and reporting options are all user defined and easy to change.

WinBill® TEM Integration

WinBill® Order Desk information is seamlessly integrated to the core WinBill® TEM application (WinBill® Order Desk can also be used as a stand alone IT Procurement tool) transferring all relevant information to create your inventory of services and devices within your database.

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