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WinBill® Telecommunications Expense Management

We have over 400 locations and need web reporting for store managers, can WinBill® provide this?
Our WinBill® on the Web application can provide selected information on reporting restricted to personnel job profiles. Each manager will only have access to their information, ensuring security of expense data.
Does WinBill® provide budgeting capabilities?
Yes, WinBill® provides extensive Budget Reporting and trending. Track and manage your IT budget by Cost Center, General Ledger Account, Bill Type, Vendor and more. WinBill® will report on exceptions if the spend is above or below budget even if you have an assigned percentage spend vs. budget.
Can WinBill® audit my bills?

With WinBill® you can identify billing errors in seconds, validate carrier contracts, cost per minute billed versus contracted rates and much more. Are you paying install fees when you shouldn't or paying late fee's? WinBill® can identify all of these and compare your USOC (Universal Service Order Code) costs to actual bills.

TTI's professional services group can expand these services to enhance your savings, create inventories, and streamline the way you pay for IT services. More information on our professional services offerings can be found here.

Is there a way to manage credits and open carrier disputes?
With our WinBill® Savings Discovered feature, you can track all credits due, billing disputes and much more. Keep notes and discussions with your vendors, and track dates and times and what was discussed.

Alert notifications will let you know when the credit(s) should have appeared.
I want to eliminate my Excel spreadsheets, how can WinBill® help?
By uploading available vendor billing CDs, you can enter thousands of bills in less than a minute.

Eliminate manual entry into cumbersome spreadsheets and import your data choosing from hundred's of IT vendors.
What type of reporting capabilities does WinBill® have?
WinBill® has over 200 pre-defined reports including Query Reports, Budget Reports, Monthly Reports, Bill by Hierarchy Reports, Historical Bill Type by Hierarchy Reports, Historical Expense Category reports, Circuit Query Reports, Call Stat Reports, USOC Reports, Savings Discovered Reports, User Defined reports and much much more.

We offer the most reports and reporting flexibility in the industry.

We also offer WinBill® on the Web reporting which provides visibility to empower employees throughout the company to better manage and control individual departmental or location expenses.
Can WinBill® Interface with other systems?
Yes, as well as any other internal Help Desk, HR systems that you have in place today.

Eliminate having to do manual changes, automate and integrate your other software systems with WinBill®.
Can WinBill® Interface with our HR system to automate MAC's?
WinBill® can interface to your internal HR Systems like PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, Great Plains, Lawson and others.

Let WinBill® automate the employee departmental changes, record new hires and manage terminations.
Can WinBill® provide upload files to our SAP, Oracle and other AP/GL systems?
WinBill® provides an interface to all the major A/P systems as well as some old legacy systems. Eliminate Double-Data entry in IT and Accounts Payable systems.

Send them an Expense file daily and your bills will get paid faster and help you eliminate late fees and penalties.
Can I purchase the WinBill® software or have TTI host it for me?
Yes, you can purchase a software license and manage it internally or have TTI host it for you.

Our team of highly trained professionals will set up your on-site license or work to provide a hosted solution, whichever works best for your needs and organization.

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