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The Power Duo: Technology Expense Management (TEM) and Call Accounting!

It is now more important than ever to optimize your mix of suppliers, and intelligently bring in new technologies to support the demands of your end users --- all that without compromising security and performance! TEM and Call Accounting, work together to reduce your telecom spend, and give you visibility over how your network is being used. Key components include TEM with invoice management , procurement and provisioning, and robust Call Accounting with fraud detection and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

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Telecom Expense Management

Reduce, Analyze and Control your monthly IT/telecom spend!
WinBill® is a highly flexible, multi-platform Technology Expense Management (TEM) solution with a track record of saving businesses like yours hundreds of thousands of dollars every month on their technology spend. You may be surprised at how quickly WinBill® can be installed and working for you. Here are just some of the ways WinBill® is making a difference for successful businesses:
  • Accurate inventory of all IT/telecom services, vendors, contracts and expenses
  • Automation of your entire IT/telecom expense process
  • Management of your IT/telecom budget
  • Tracking of recoveries and billing disputes with your vendors
  • Flexible reporting tools (scheduled on-prem or web-accessible reports)
  • Elimination of late payment fees

Call Accounting

Take everything you think you know about Call Accounting and toss it!
Fraud and other nefarious activities can bring a business to its knees. Don’t rely on those pre-packaged systems that came with your switch. They won’t get you where you need to be! WinCall takes call accounting to a whole new level, meeting the demanding security and allocation challenges of today’s mobile workforce.
  • Proper Cost Allocations and Controls within your Enterprise
  • Network and Resource Optimization
  • Rate Optimization
  • Allocation of 100% of the phone bill to each department
  • Usage data to help make informed telecom network planning decisions
  • Reduced Management Time

We Are Well Equipped to Tackle Any Telecom Challenge!

IoT and other evolving technologies has created a data tsunami for IT professionals. We know your world, first hand, and we’re ready to go to work for you. We understand what it takes to move from ‘reactive’ to ‘proactive’ and are dedicated to helping managers, like you, get control over your infrastructure and stay in control.

Outsourced Telecom Expense Management

TTI is unparalleled in performance and experience. We know how to save you money!

Telecom Audit

Auditing your IT and telecom expenses is the first step to understanding how to control your company’s communications and IT costs.


TTI provides the insight of experienced professionals who can help you maximize the return on your IT and communications investments and achieve higher value.

Inventory and Asset Management

One of the most important elements in any telecom expense reduction exercise is to understand your inventory of services and equipment. Let us lend a helping hand.

Mobile Expense Management

For many companies, wireless expenses represent one of the biggest challenges to controlling technology costs. We can help you meet those challenges.

IT/Technology Consulting Services

We have the background and expertise to provide you with best practices and recommendations that can create real, long lasting savings in your technology budget.

Invoice Processing and Management

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to accomplishing real, long-term technology and telecom expense savings is the overwhelming task of Invoice Management. We have the tools to help you gain control and keep it.


TTI sourcing can eliminate the guesswork and provide for the complete lifecycle of your IT infrastructure.

Professional Staffing

TTI delivers integrated solutions that meet your evolving technology needs. Our professionals are trained to deliver unparalleled value back to our clients.

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