Think you know Call Accounting?

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Today’s Call Accounting Needs to Serve a Whole New Generation of Technologies and Capabilities.

Does Your Current Call Accounting System
"Really" Give You What You Need?

Today’s call accounting must do more! If your current system doesn’t provide the necessary input to help you accomplish the following, it’s time to take a look at WinCall®.
  • Security

    Fraud and other suspicious calling activity needs to be carefully tracked and monitored. Because it is more important than ever to keep your network and personnel safeguarded against nefarious activities that can wreak havoc on your department, your end users and your organization.
  • Network and Resource Optimization

    From call routing efficiencies to capacities on data delivery, your solution should help you quickly identify a wide range of improvements. For example, it should help you examine queue times and abandoned calls to improve human resource allocations. It should also aid in your evaluation of trunking configurations to reduce outages.
  • Proper Cost Allocations and Controls within your Enterprise

    Expense allocation to the right business unit, department or employee code. This visibility gives your organization the ability to evaluate how each department or employee is performing against plan.
  • Rate Optimization

    Aggregation of expenses by carrier and type, such as fixed line long distance or mobile device texting, allowing you to negotiate better rates with carriers or institute enterprise-wide policies to help control usage.
  • Reduced Management Time

    Your staff should be freed up to perform the deeper analysis you need to make decisions, not spending time manually gathering and inputting data.

Meet WinCall®

WinCall® Call Accounting tracks all calls from all PBXs, SIP VoIP, Virtual PBXs (includes ShoreTel, Cisco, Avaya, and legacy systems).

WinCall® Call Accounting provides your enterprise with:

Integration to all PBXs and VoIPs: (ShoreTel, Avaya, Cisco, Virtual PBXs, etc.)
Integration to other systems and technologies: PBX Directory, Active Directory, or Human Resource Systems
Allocation of 100% of the phone bill to each department
Support for all PBX types and formats including custom call record layouts
Usage data to help make informed telecom network planning decisions
Alerts (911, Fraud, Suspicious Call Activity, etc.)
Increases employee productivity

Automatically Update and Import Information Daily

Wincall's Extension Database can automatically be updated and the information imported daily from your PBX/HR database(s).

WinCall® can push/pull information to/from any PBX/SIP/VoIP system: Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, Nortel, Shoretel, Siemens, etc. in addition to internal company HR databases. Use a combination of PBX/HR systems to automate this process including: Oracle, SAP, etc. Multiple databases can be imported to provide full synchronization between WinCall® and internal systems.

Dynamic Reporting Engine, Advanced Capabilities and Unique Reports

Using WinCall® there is virtually nothing you can’t report on. You call the shots. You define which fields you want to import, using the WinCall® dashboard. The PBX extensions, user names, departments and other fields of information can be exchanged between databases to facilitate internal directories, for bill back purposes and to synchronize database updates and changes.

WinCall® Call Accounting has a dynamic reporting engine that features advanced capabilities while offering unique reports. WinCall® allows you to schedule call accounting reports to be cloud-accessible or downloaded and emailed.

Your employees are able to access only the information they need for their Cost Center, Department, Sales Team and more.

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