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Gary M. "Mike" Williams - TTI President & Founder

Gary M. "Mike" Williams

President & Founder
A true veteran of the telecom industry, Mike Williams has been helping companies with their telemanagement challenges since the early days of de-regulation, when an influx of new providers and competition made the need for visibility and control more urgent than ever. Mike honed his experience at major providers, including MCI, and at The RTP Group, where he specialized in telecom consulting for major corporations throughout northern California.

After 25 years of working and consulting in telecom, IT, expense management, and procurement, Mike co-founded TeleManagement Technologies, Inc. "TTI" in 1996. His vision was to provide a level of customer collaboration and support that would create a tight, closed loop relationship between the users, the support team and the developers. Today, TTI's strong reputation for unparalleled service and customer-driven solutions is the result.

Mike continues to play an active role in product development and customer service and the company has thrived and grown through his friendly, accessible 'hands on' management style.

"At TTI we try to never lose sight of the growing challenges of our user community. That's why we continue to blend the latest in telemanagement innovation with old fashioned customer service. It's the formula which got us where we are today, and one we plan to continue for years to come."
Gary M. "Mike" Williams

Lou Sandler - TTI Chief Software Architect

Lou Sandler

Chief Software Architect
The mastermind behind WinBill® and WinCall®, Lou Sandler has over 20 years' experience developing enterprise applications utilized by some of the largest technology companies in the world. And he has the track record to show it!

Lou graduated from Binghamton University (Harpur College) in 1972 with a BA Degree in Mathematics and a Masters of Information Science from the California University of Technology (CalTech) in 1973. He also holds a JD degree from Loyola University which he received in 1979. He currently is an inactive member of the California Bar.

After graduation he worked at Burroughs Corp (later Unisys) as a programmer and later as manager of their advanced operating systems department. He has also worked for Zilog and was the manager of their system software group for the Z8000. Lou began teaching at the University of Redlands in 1981 where he helped initiate the new Computer Science department. While teaching at the University, Lou continued programming as an outside programmer and consultant for a number of businesses both large and small, keeping active in an ever-changing technology.

Joining TTI in 1995, Lou turned his talents towards development of the first Windows-based version of TTI's Call Accounting and TEM solutions, WinCall® and WinBill®. Lou continues to be responsible for the design engineering, development, testing and release of all applications.

"Our team of experts continues to deploy some of the most advanced technology and apps available in the marketplace today. I'm very proud to be a part of it."
Lou Sandler

Charles Coakley - TTI Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Charles Coakley

Vice President of Sales & Marketing
With over 15 years of IT and telecom sales and marketing leadership, Charles brings to TTI a deep understanding of the challenges of managing IT/Telecom and an ability to effectively match each solution to meet those challenges. After all, his track record includes the re-organization of an entire operations of a world class telecommunication company!

Prior to TTI, Charles served as Director of Sales for eMeritus Communications, a major global telecommunications carrier, leading the U.S. market teams selling Voice/Data/Internet products and services to the SME, Fortune 1000, Carrier/wholesale and educational markets places.

Earlier experience includes Cable and Wireless USA and eMeritus Communications (formally Bell Canada Enterprises/Vartec Communications/Teleglobe). Charles was also a major contributor during the transition of Telco/Teleglobe Business Solutions and re-emergence as eMeritus Communications.

"Every IT/Telecom challenge is as unique as the company behind it. I enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping hard-working IT and telecom professionals meet their challenges with a terrific product I believe in."
Charles Coakley

Kelly Arnold

TEM Program Manager
Those with hands-on experience in support and operations have a unique perspective that makes them outstanding team members. That is why Kelly Arnold was hand selected to lend her talents as Telecom Expense Management “TEM” Program Manager.

Kelly has been with TTI since 2002, having prior operations experience in the global job distribution industry. Her years as a key member of our team have helped her cultivate a deep knowledge of our award-winning WinBill® TEM solution and its ability to make a positive and lasting impact on our client organizations. Kelly’s responsibility, as TEM Program Manager, is to oversee both product development and our highly skilled support team. She is dedicated to ensuring that WinBill® continues to deliver superior quality and value to our customers.

“Given the complexity of today’s data and voice environment, I think it’s more important than ever to not only provide great customer support, but to help organizations optimize their telecom and IT infrastructure. I truly enjoy connecting our clients to the power of WinBill® and witnessing, first hand, the difference it makes within their organizations.”
Kelly Arnold

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