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Here's a few questions others have had while in the process of maximizing their return on their communications investment and achieving higher communications value.

My new VoIP PBX vendor tells me I have to purchase their call accounting software?
Whether you are an existing WinCall® client or evaluating the purchase of WinCall®, usually if your PBX vendor tells you your new VoIP system comes with a call accounting solution as part of your purchase , this can typically be unbundled from your purchase (even when they try and tell you it's free...).

Typically our clients have found packaged systems are very limited or basic in function and do not provide the robust functionality of a system like WinCall®. Don't be fooled, nothing is ever free....Don't get caught paying twice for Call Accounting when your "package" system does not meet your reporting needs.
We purchased a new VoIP phone system, Do I need new call accounting software?
Not with WinCall®. WinCall® is compatible with all PBX's. When you upgrade your PBX to a newer VoIP system, your WinCall® software does not change. Some vendors today require clients to upgrade or purchase new call accounting software which can be different and cost thousands of dollars to upgrade.

We have clients running both analog and VoIP switches throughout their network utilizing a single WinCall® system.
We want only web access for our managers to view their department data. How does WinCall® provide this?
WinCall® on the Web reporting will provide your managers with selective access to reporting information on their Department. With Windows NT/Active Directory Authentication their defined access to WinCall® on the Web is automatic.

You determine the security, privileges and roles by user(s) and they will be able to view Call Accounting reporting information 24/7/365 from any web browser.
Our HR system can provide new hire and terminations, can WinCall® integrate with it?
WinCall® can integrate to over 15+ different HR systems. And WinCall® can integrate 2 or 3 systems within one company to accommodate all your data integration needs.

You can also choose to "push" data out to your other systems with WinCall®.
Can WinCall® interface to my PBX to automate directory changes?
Yes, WinCall’s PBX Integration allows you to eliminate the time consuming task of extra data entry in your Call Accounting system, PBX, Directory, Voice Mail system and more.

Automate and schedule the creation of new users, terminated employees or have WinCall® perform the departmental changes for you.
Can WinCall® track other call records from our fax servers or VPN data?
WinCall® can import ANY data that is in a machine readable format. We currently import data from Fax Servers, VPN systems, ACD's, Security Systems and more!
How can WinCall® import call detail from our vendors CD's?
Upload the vendor CD and Import the data – it’s that easy! WinCall® can keep the vendors call record pricing or re-price it for you.
Can WinCall® track call detail records from any PBX?
WinCall® interfaces to over 72 different PBX Manufacturers and hundreds of different call record formats. VOIP Systems from Avaya, Nortel, Mitel, Cisco, 3Com, Shoreline and others can also be easily tracked with WinCall®.
Can I purchase the WinCall® software or do you only offer a hosted model?
Yes, you can purchase the software. Most companies elect to license the software and manage it internally. TTI also offers an outsourcing model for WinCall®.

Our team of highly trained professionals will process and audit your bills with WinBill® and/or manage your call accounting environment with WinCall® providing you with timely reporting information via the web, e-mail and/or hard copy.

Installed or Hosted Options? We've got you covered!

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