TEM Features & Benefits That Result in Serious Savings!

WinBill® puts you in the driver's seat with the Powerful Features you need to Analyze, Control and Reduce your monthly telecom spend across your Entire Enterprise!
Track Unlimited Types of Expenses
Manage and Control All Costs across your enterprise (Wireline, Wireless, Data, VOIP, etc.)
Accurate Inventory of all IT Services
Allows better Forecasting and Planning!
Virtually Eliminate Penalties and Billing Errors
Savings of 20% - 50% annually
Process Vendor Billing in minutes
Increase productivity 50%+
Identify New Billing Services
WinBill® will alert you when new services are being billed by vendor, or when vendor continues to bill on disconnected lines or services etc.
Expense Validation and Contract Compliance
Savings of 15% - 25% - Track start and end dates of all your contractual obligations, Ensure you are receiving contracted rates, spend amounts, actual spend to date, and discounts for all contracts including alerts to when contract date expires.
Better Rate Plans and Contract Negotiations
Savings of 10% - 30% annually. Allows you to control your contract negotiations process with your vendors.
User Defined Fields
Customization and Flexibility based on your specific needs and requirements for your unique business!
Custom AP/GL Upload
Eliminate Double Data Entry (WinBill® integrates with Oracle, Peoplesoft, etc.)
Run Reports and View Critical Billing Information
Information on Demand - Over 200 standard and custom reports available. Reporting can be ad-hoc, set on scheduled basis and via web. Detailed and summary reports for budget managers, finance, senior management and IT groups along with custom query capabilities to better analyze and control expenses.
Invoice Consolidation
Deliver consolidated expenses across multiple vendors/locations
Allocation of Expenses
No longer do you have to manually allocate expenses/line items. WinBIll® automatically allocates expenses across cost centers/business units each and every month automatically for you.
Accruals and Missing Invoices
Provides a complete list of estimated expense run rates, missing invoices, and accruals.
Exception Reporting
WinBill® allows you to set exception parameters, allowing you to focus your time and energy on important expense items or categories.
Dispute Management
Through Savings discovered you can create dispute tickets and email directly to vendor for tracking and recovery. Report on how much your team is saving the company on billing errors and recoveries by vendor.
Currency Conversion
Ability to convert foreign invoices and bills into native currency for accurate expense management for your international offices and locations.
Invoice Tracking
Query telecom invoices by vendor, expense category, accounting, bill periods, etc.
WinBill® Order Desk
Complete custom procurement and provisioning tool for managing MAC’s (moves, add, changes) for all vendors via a centralized web interface with full integration to WinBill® TEM database.

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