Call Accounting Features & Benefits That
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WinCall® Call Accounting tracks all call/data to and from multiple data sources, including all types of phones (wireless, wireline), IoT, and more!

Import/Export of Database and Call Records

  • Automates Internal Adds, Moves and Changes to improve accuracy and provide a more granular set of information for analysis.

Real Time Call Collection

  • Tracks all inbound/outbound call and data activity to provide greater visibility over your entire network. You can’t manage what you can’t see!

Effectively Track all of your Domestic and International Calls

  • Whether digital, VoIP or analog; all systems are included and tracked to enable you to better manage calling trends and optimize your carriers.

Bill Back Departments Accurately

  • Significant savings are attainable by properly allocating charges to the correct cost center/department. Who is spending more? Now you know. No more errors and confusion.

Spot Toll Fraud

  • Needed more than ever today! Helps you identify and monitor suspicious call activity, reducing potential liability and risk for your organization.

Better Manage Employee Productivity

  • Provides real-time visibility over all call activity. Now you will know who your most productive employees are and which employees need more training.

Supports Multiple PBX’s/Locations

  • Integrates all your locations. Centralized access and visibility helps organizations enjoy significant savings in bundled supplier contracts and other services across sites.

Network Design

  • Consolidate and maximize your network access services to ensure you have the best mix of services available to your end users at all times. Save money and streamline your entire network.

Custom Reporting and Graphing

  • Flexible reporting tools allow you to share key insights with all levels of management, ensuring greater understanding of challenges and issues as well as areas where cost savings can be realized.

WinCall® on the Web

  • All reporting is available through the cloud for 24/7 access 365 days of the year.

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