Technology Expense Management “TEM” Optimization

We Provide the Insight of Highly Experienced Professionals Who Help You Maximize the Return on Your Technology Investments and Achieve Higher Communications Value.

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Our solutions are unbiased and designed to best meet your individual business needs and deliver the best value for your company. TTI’s communications analysis software, network assessment and design, and improved management processes will enable you to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Our Recommendations Are Specifically Tailored to Your Business Environment and Place Focus On:

Rate & Tariff Optimization

Bandwidth Utilization

Demand Management

Our Team of Specialists Will Identify, Implement and Document All Recommendations for Your Future Savings.

TTI offers optimization for all services, or we can focus on a subset of services (wireline, wireless or data) tailored to meet your needs. Let TTI optimize your IT expenses today.

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Outsourced Telecom Expense Management

TTI is unparalleled in performance and experience. We know how to save you money!

Telecom Audit

Auditing your IT and telecom expenses is the first step to understanding how to control your company’s communications and IT costs.


TTI provides the insight of experienced professionals who can help you maximize the return on your IT and communications investments and achieve higher value.

Inventory and Asset Management

One of the most important elements in any telecom expense reduction exercise is to understand your inventory of services and equipment. Let us lend a helping hand.

Mobile Expense Management

For many companies, wireless expenses represent one of the biggest challenges to controlling technology costs. We can help you meet those challenges.

IT/Technology Consulting Services

We have the background and expertise to provide you with best practices and recommendations that can create real, long lasting savings in your technology budget.

Invoice Processing and Management

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to accomplishing real, long-term technology and telecom expense savings is the overwhelming task of Invoice Management. We have the tools to help you gain control and keep it.


TTI sourcing can eliminate the guesswork and provide for the complete lifecycle of your IT infrastructure.

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