Case Study: Motor Sports Entertainment Industry

An internationally renowned Motor Sports Entertainment Company uses WinCall® Call Accounting to automate Adds, Moves and Changes throughout the entire company!

The Challenge

An internationally renowned Motor Sports Entertainment Company is a leading promoter of motor sport activities in the United States. They currently promote more than 100 motor sports events each year. The Company wanted a call accounting system that would provide them with the ability to automate the myriad of Adds, Moves and Changes that they do on a daily basis for all of their locations. With geographically disbursed locations throughout the US they needed to generate and evaluate information on call activity and distribute, schedule and export this information on a timely basis to their management.
The robust, automated features of WinCall® provides the Motor Sports Entertainment Company with the call accounting tools they need. WinCall's PBX Integration tool worked especially well for automatically updating information for this multi-site Company. The PBX Integration tool imports 3rd party software from a Nortel PBX and seamlessly updates over 15 different sites extension, user name, department, cost center information to their WinCall® call accounting software.

The PBX Integration feature saved valuable time and resources and ensured accuracy on their WinCall® reports. The Company also utilizes WinCall's powerful Digits Reporting tool. This reporting tool allows them to identify each of the numbers dialed from each site giving more precise information for the number dialed. For example, a number to another site location can be entered and defined in WinCall® and when the reports are run, the City /State and number dialed can be replaced with a site name or other information that better describes the site. This provides the Company with the information they need to identify calling trends to and from all of their locations.

The flexibility of WinCall's reporting functionality allows the Telecom Manager to automatically schedule and export reports to management's email addresses on a weekly basis.

"I would spend hours creating reports each week. Now all reports are scheduled to go out weekly and are automatically exported to management's email addresses for their review," said the Telecom Manager.

The Motorsports Entertainment Company has automated the once laborious task of entering all of their Adds, Moves and Changes in their telephony environment. Because of the ever constant changing culture of their environment this tool has allowed the Telecom Department to meet critical time demands for tracking accurate information. In addition, the Telecom Manager has eliminated the time consuming task of having to create and send reports. The Telecom Manager estimates that he has cut his administrative time spent on call accounting activities by 35% using the dynamic applications within WinCall®.

The WinCall System paid for itself in 2 months as a result of the labor saved and helped us to further reduce costs by helping us find and eliminate several unused trunks," said the Telecom Analyst.

More importantly, the meaningful reports generated in WinCall® that management receives each week allows them to better track and understand calling trends that determine where to put their marketing muscle for upcoming motor sports events.

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