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You’re spending too much on IT/Technology costs. That’s why we’re here! Our mission is to help businesses save hundreds of thousands of dollars off their monthly IT/technology spend and gain ongoing savings through the optimization of their contracts, services and assets. We do this through a road-tested combination of Telecom Expense Management and Call Accounting software as well as Professional Services that integrate, track and manage your valuable information infrastructure.




WinBill® Telecommunications Expense Management

Analyze, Reduce and Control Your Monthly IT/Telecom Spend!

WinBill® is a highly flexible, multi-platform Technology Expense Management (TEM) solution with a track record of saving businesses like yours hundreds of thousands of dollars every month on their technology spend. You may be surprised at how quickly WinBill® can be installed and working for you. Here are just some of the ways WinBill® is making a difference for successful businesses:
  • Accurate inventory of all IT/telecom services, vendors, contracts and expenses
  • Automation of your entire IT/telecom expense process
  • Management of your IT/telecom budget
  • Tracking of recoveries and billing disputes with your vendors
  • Elimination of late payment fees
  • Flexible reporting tools (scheduled on-prem or web-accessible reports)
WinCall® Call Accounting

Take Everything You Think You Know About Call Accounting and Toss It!

Fraud and other nefarious activities can bring a business to its knees. Don’t rely on those pre-packaged systems that came with your switch. They won’t get you where you need to be! WinCall® takes call accounting to a whole new level, meeting the demanding security and allocation challenges of today’s mobile workforce.
  • Proper Cost Allocations and Controls within your Enterprise
  • Network and Resource Optimization
  • Rate Optimization
  • Allocation of 100% of the phone bill to each department
  • Usage data to help make informed telecom network planning decisions
  • Reduced Management Time

We Are Well Equipped to Tackle Any Telecom Challenge!

IoT and other evolving technologies has created a data tsunami for IT professionals. We know your world, first hand, and we’re ready to go to work for you. We understand what it takes to move from ‘reactive’ to ‘proactive’ and are dedicated to helping managers, like you, get control over your infrastructure and stay in control.

Gain Total Control of Your IT/Technology Infrastructure!

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Our Award-Winning WinBill® TEM and WinCall® Call Accounting Solutions are supported by a friendly, responsive team of industry veterans who consider installation just the starting point of a great collaboration. You will experience our service mentality in every corner of our organization. That’s what we’re known for and what has consistently made TTI the choice of thousands of businesses throughout the U.S. since 1987.

Whether you prefer the control of delivered software or the convenience of SaaS, we look forward to working with you to put you in control and keep you there.
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"We recouped our investment in the software in only six months"

IT Manager, Financial Institution

"Our AP Department is thrilled to have eliminated manual data entry for all telecom bills"

AP Director, Technology Company

"No more spreadsheets and disparate databases. All inventory and billing information is now in WinBill."

IT Director, National Insurance Company

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