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Moving Out of Crisis Mode: Time for IT to Get Organized!

If you are in charge of an IT/telecom department, you are probably still reeling from over a year of unpredictable, almost head-spinning series of ad hoc adjustments made to accommodate the needs of remote workers. You didn't have months or even weeks to adjust. These changes often happened in a matter of days!

And yet, in the rush to adjust and compensate, short cuts were taken, often with less than stellar security measures in place. It was, after all, more about keeping businesses open and less about adhering to best practices. At least for the time being, right?

Today, however, IT professionals are facing a workplace full of employees who have not only adjusted to remote work, they prefer it. Whether or not they will get their wishes will depend upon their senior management and other conditions. But, for IT/telecom professionals, preparation is the name of the game. And this is a good time to step back and re-assess where you are now and how you can better organize your team and technologies in a way that strengthens your current infrastructure and prepares for whatever is on the horizon.

Plan: Apps aplenty, being used on an ad hoc basis from employees' cell phones. Talk about a lack of control. Ask your team how you can reconcile the gap between less-than-ideal "home office" bandwidth and applications that run through an enterprise-wide infrastructure.

Update/upgrade. Get rid of outdated apps and legacy platforms. If ever there was a time to upgrade, this is it. Chances are you know where the relics and dinosaurs are. Now it's just a matter of retrofitting and updating. Look at what applications are best suited to run through the cloud. While so many companies have moved an abundance of their applications to the cloud, there still remain plenty of organizations using landlines. Consider value, efficiency and cost to maintain. The cloud may make more sense now than ever.

Organize: Set up meetings with your own team members and with senior management to review procedures you have in place and get input for how to improve them. While it may not be in the form of another pandemic, crises are certain to arise again in the future. Are you prepared to turn on a dime to meet them head on? How you are able to answer that may have a huge impact on your company.

Share: Are your service providers just “vendors” or are they partners? This is a good time to find out. Ask them to set aside some time to get their professional input and insight into areas where you can work together to improve. Share your emergency plans with them. Be sure to include, not only technology providers but consultants and other industry peers whom you trust.

Remember, too, that we're here to help. Over the years we've been in the trenches with the best IT folks around and we understand what you face and what you need to succeed. Contact us and let's talk about your challenges and how to move beyond them and forward.​

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