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Are You Providing Strategic IT and Telecom Input? Or Are You Still Putting Out Fires?


What shape is your IT and/or Telecom department in? Are you running a strategic IT department, or are you still being held hostage to every quick fix and work around needed to put out fires and keep communications supported?

As you know, IT matters today more than ever. IT is taking on a much more strategic role as organizations struggle to organize and leverage the power of emerging technology in ways that advance their goals and foster growth. So you need to be front and center when strategic direction and planning occur. But you also have to run a tight ship, on the back end, so that you won't get pulled into issues and glitches that could have been avoided.

The following is a checklist of the key attributes of a successful IT/Telecom department. If you have these covered, you are in a much stronger position to provide greater value to your organization.

  • ​Have an accurate inventory of all of your IT services​
  • Have negotiated strong contracts from your carriers
  • Not paying for disconnected circuits or cell phones
  • Not paying late fees every month
  • Have a method to accurately keep track of expenses
  • Have a centralized database for all your business intelligence (no longer spread out throughout the organization in spreadsheets and databases)

How many of these do you have covered? If you don't, you need to find ways to get these processes running smoothly. Until you do that, you run the risk of being stuck in a negative cycle, where everything becomes urgent and you can't free yourself long enough to take your place at the table when strategic decisions are made that impact your department.

A Telecom Expense Management "TEM" solution can tackle all the above areas and take time consuming, tedious processes off your plate so that you can use your talents and skills more productively. If you already are using a TEM, make sure it is up to date and doing the job you need it to do. If you are not using a TEM system, it's time to do some research and find a provider who will work with your organization to tailor it to meet your needs.

This is the beginning of a brave new world for IT. Make sure you've got the basics covered so that you are able to take your place in it. 

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About TeleManagement Technologies, Inc.

TeleManagement Technologies, Incorporated (TTI) provides Telecom Expense Management and Call Accounting solutions designed to effectively track, integrate, manage and protect an organization's information technology resources. TTI's TEM solution, WinBill®, has developed a reputation for an impressive ROI, with clients reporting savings of 300% or more! WinCall® Call Accounting tracks all domestic and international locations regardless of PBX type (analog, digital, VoIP) to facilitate internal bill back, identify PBX toll fraud and increase employee productivity. Extensive reporting capabilities are also included for planning purposes. TTI's experienced, responsive support team helps keep CFOs and IT/Telecom departments in total control of their technology expenses.

Since 1987, TTI has been designing software products that provide a better solution to managing corporate technology, inventory, expenses and services. For more information, visit

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