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4 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Your Telecom Expense Management!


Telecom Expense Management, or "TEM", is an important tool used to organize and manage all elements of today's complex IT/telecom departments. A high quality TEM, well maintained, leads to a smooth running department and can add potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in bottom line savings.

There are typically two ways you can implement your TEM. First is to install the software onsite. That gives you complete control, which is attractive to many IT/Telecom managers. However, that control comes with responsibility. The burden is on you to keep the software up to date and to make sure you "catch" all the opportunities for cost savings, etc. The other way, gaining in popularity, is outsourcing your TEM to experts who are well trained in all aspects of telecom expense management.

Let's look at four reasons why an IT/Telecom department might want to outsource TEM:

  1. Takes the burden off the IT/Telecom team: If ever there was a time when you were asked to contribute more to your organization, this is it! Those who manage the communications and information flow for today's organizations are not only expected to keep things moving smoothly, but are being asked to take a more strategic role, as new technology continues to enter the marketplace. You need all hands on deck at all times. By outsourcing TEM, you are taking the day to day running of your TEM and its maintenance off the backs of your staff and putting the responsibility on the shoulders of an experienced team.
  2. Garner greater cost savings: Experts who run TEM programs every day have learned where hidden savings lie, where to tweak and what changes to make to optimize cost savings. They know what to look for and where. And they work quickly, as there is no learning curve to surmount.​
  3. Access to professionals: An experienced TEM provider should also have a strong professional services team on board. Their role is to lend additional expertise to help move your TEM solution beyond cost savings to a strategic planning tool for future services and systems.​
  4. Gain peace of mind: No more worries about updates, upgrades and ongoing maintenance of your TEM. When you know your TEM is in good hands, your team can get back to the business of providing the exemplary end user service you strive for. Furthermore, you are freeing up yourself and your team to get a better handle on what technology is on the horizon and how it might benefit your organization.​

If this sounds like a push to outsource your TEM, consider this. When it comes to something as critical as saving dollars and optimizing your mix of services and suppliers, you want to make sure you have the best tools and the most skilled professionals using those tools. If you have those individuals on board and they are willing to dedicate time and effort to use your TEM effectively, then installed software may be the way to go.

Today's IT/Telecom managers, however, are discovering that outsourcing TEM not only removes the burden from their teams, but adds a valuable layer of strategic input and expertise which is critical, given today's dynamic information environment. By outsourcing their TEM, managers are free to tackle more strategic issues within their organizations. If this is your situation, it may be time to find a TEM provider who can provide you with seamless, experienced outsourcing services. Let us know how we can help. 

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