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5G Is Here: How Ready Should You Be?

It seems like not that long ago that all we were hearing about was 3G and then 4G and all the great things it would be able to do. Now, seemingly overnight, we're hearing about 5G. Will this ever end? The short answer is "no". We'll probably soon be on to 6G and so on. Advances in technology are driving the need for networks to be constantly beefed up to support more intelligent devices that come with IoT and the need to move information faster than ever.

For CIOs and IT managers, however, each new generation of wireless technology brings with it a set of questions. Where will we use it? What do we do about those networks that can't support it? How do we ensure stability? All eyes turn to IT to figure out how to prepare for 5G while keeping all the usual plates spinning.

Here are a few questions to put on the table and discuss with your team in advance of taking any action with 5G: 

What real world benefits does 5G offer your business?
A good example of where 5G could bring significant value might be found in healthcare, providing a framework to enable deployment of new applications, such as telemedicine. For other industries, however, there may still be sufficient value with your 4G network. Make sure you know where 5G stands to make measurable improvements and build out a plan from there.
How 5G-ready are your vendors and your own internal team?
And this is not only about your network infrastructure, but also has to do with your current vendors who are in the position to provide 5G to you. How confident are you that they are on top of it and will be able to trouble shoot successfully? What about your own team? What additional training might be needed?
How much 5G do you really need?
Finally there is the affordability aspect. How much 5G can you afford? 5G is great, but it can also become expensive very quickly. Ask your team, along with your end user community what initiatives may require 5G and which may continue to do perfectly well at a lower bandwidth.
Finally, it's important to remember that bugs will be found and will need to be corrected before 5G is deemed truly stable. That buys you some time to make sure that all key elements of your business are strategically aligned to get the most out of 5G in a way that makes good business sense as well as good operational sense.

Remember, too, that expense management becomes even more important as your network becomes more sophisticated and carries more applications and devices. Don't hesitate to contact TTI professionals with questions. We're here to help.

The time to start planning for 5G? Now! By taking a proactive approach to understanding the benefits of 5G and planning in advance, you and your team will be well positioned to actively embrace this powerful new network and take advantage of all it has to offer.
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