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4 Things You Should Not Be Paying For!

You've never been busier --- keeping users up and running, safeguarding your network and systems from hackers and viruses, keeping up to date on new technology and how it can benefit your organization --- the list goes on. Who has time to start looking through old invoices, sorting through old computers and software programs and revisiting contracts. Nobody.

The problem is, however, that you may unknowingly be paying for a great many things you no longer need, forgot you had, or never should have paid for in the first place!

Over the years, our professional services team has identified four key areas where IT and Telecom managers are paying hundreds to thousands of dollars each month…and shouldn't be. Here are four things you should not be paying for: 

  1. Invoices paid twiceOne of the most common and costly errors in companies is paying invoices twice. It happens more frequently than you might think due to lack of proper tracking, coordination and reporting.

  2. Old technologyIf you look carefully at your service contracts you may find that you are paying to maintain legacy equipment that you no longer use. If your operating system isn't updated and you are still using old versions of software, chances are they are also slowing down your users. And, they may be exposing your company to data breaches and viruses.

  3. Systems upgrades and connection to a new PBX or other data sourcehere are vendors who, as part of their sales strategy, garner addition revenue by charging clients for upgrades and new versions of their software. You should never have to pay again for a system you have already purchased just because a new version is available or because your data source changed. That's a left-over from the old days when system "back ends" were closed and required a great deal of reverse engineering or an expensive API to open them up.

  4. Outdated contractsBack when you first sourced your providers and signed contracts they were probably optimized for cost savings. But things can change quickly. If you haven't checked those contracts in a couple years, you are probably paying more than you should. And your suppliers certainly aren't going to tell you.

The good news is that money lost can be money found. And the sooner you update and improve efficiencies in the above areas the sooner that money will be back in your department where it can be re-invested into your company.

Contact us and we'll be happy to have our professionals do a deep dive of your systems and network and help you tighten up your contracts, technology and invoices. And we won't disrupt your office and employees in the process. Don't let another month slip by paying for things you don't use or should no longer be using. Put the money back where it belongs. 

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