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Telecom Audit

Auditing your telecom expenses is the first step to understanding how to control your company’s communications costs. According to analysts, 85% of the telecom invoices customers receive from vendors have billing errors, costing organizations up to 12% of their annual telecom expenses in inflated costs.

In-house telecom audits are frequently inefficient
Telecom Audit by TTI Working with the vendors to negotiate refunds for overbilling is often a very long and drawn out process. In our experience, organizations that perform their own telecom audits can expect to cut expenses by 3-5% provided they have the learned knowledge, expertise, enough resources focused on the task, access to their provider tariffs, and effective negotiation skills to recover money from carriers. Through TTI’s experienced Professional Services team, organizations that take advantage of our Telecom Auditing service often experience reductions in excess of 25-40% of their annualized telecom expense.

TTI’s Telecom Audit service provides a complete historical audit of services throughout your enterprise, including all expenses in your voice, data and wireless infrastructure - to recover refunds and credits for your organization. With more than two decades of telecom expense management experience, TTI offers the expertise and processes developed through years of studying the industry. Through TTI, you benefit from:

  • Our ability to leverage subject matter experience, including a long history of audits, negotiations and management
  • In depth knowledge of carrier billing procedures
  • Access to an exclusive historical library of claims
  • Subscription to an online tariff system, that gives us the ability to secure refunds with providers

Our Telecom Auditing services provide you with the opportunity to obtain the largest refund possible. Through our process, identifying potential telecom billing errors represents only 20% of the time and effort to complete the validation. The remaining time is spent reconciling with service providers to resolve the claim, correct the errors on the billing and secure the maximum refunds possible.

No Risk Telecom Audit option available
TTI offers two primary options for contracting Telecom Audit services. Most clients choose the No Risk, No Cost option for this service. As a contingency offering, TTI shares in the refunds we get back for our clients. We are so confident in our abilities to find large refunds, that if no refunds can be found, this service is free of charge. We also offer Telecom Audit services with a fee-based payment structure. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on our telecom audit services or click here to submit our Telecom Audit Request form.
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