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Are You Still Operating Like a "Cost Center'?

​A recent report by AOTMP includes a section on using KPIs to measure the value of various IT and telecom functions as they relate to overall strategic business issues. This, of course, makes a lot of sense, as IT and telecom managers strive to play a more strategic role within their organizations and continue to work to break free from the nagging...
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Is Your IT/Telecom Department Causing People to Quit?

​Nintex recently conducted a survey that included 1,000 professionals from companies with over 1,000 employees. TechRepublic recently published the results of that survey. Here are some statistics that might surprise you: Only 24% of those surveyed report they receive "very prompt" service from their in-house IT team. 62% of those surveyed have obs...
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2018 IT/Telecom Challenges: Same Old Problems?

​Network World recently released it's annual "Top 10 Challenges IT Faces" article. As usual, it has some interesting insight. Perhaps not surprisingly, however, is the fact that many of the issues are the same ones IT/Telecom faced five years ago! The uncomfortable fact is that many IT/Telecom departments have struggled to keep pace with the needs ...
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Three Ways to Clean up Your Inventory Reporting

How "clean" is your inventory reporting? And why does it matter? According to the latest AOTMP State of the Telecom Management Industry, the top cause for poor performing practices in organizations is poor inventory management. And this is in spite of the fact that there are plenty of tools and programs available to help IT departments gain better ...
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How to Get Your IT Budget Approved This Time!

​Getting budget approval for a new year is always challenging. Often the C-level managers look at IT/Telecom as just a necessary expense and leave it at that. It can be hard to get inside their heads and change their thinking. The result is a budget that maintains the status quo, but which fails to give you the flexibility to grow and to adopt new ...
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Is Old Technology Costing You Money? 3 Questions to Ask IT

​If you are like so many businesses, you are probably under a tight budget. And tight budgets mean you have to make due with technology that is often woefully out of date. So you keep it going until you absolutely must take action.Here is the problem with continuing to try to make old, outdated technology "work". You are impairing more than just th...
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When Your Vendor Gets Acquired

​You may have read recently of the acquisition of TEM (Telecom Expense Management) provider, MDSL, by Sumeru Equity Partners. Earlier in the year we had the acquisition of another TEM provider, Tangoe, by Marlin Equity Partners as part of a merger between Marlin's enterprise mobility management software acquisition, Asentinel and Tangoe. Whew! Who'...
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Significant Telecom Savings are Possible If You Know How to Find Them!

​It is possible now, more than ever, to save thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars off your monthly telecom spend. Why? Because there have never been more suppliers, more products, more applications and a greater diversity of networks than there are today. That means that there are more areas to find savings. But you have to know where to l...
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It’s One of the Most Common Causes of Overspending: What Are You Doing About It?

​Billing errors happen every day. In fact, they are one of the most common causes of overspending in an organization. How do these errors occur? They may occur when an invoice charge does not align properly with the terms of your contract. Or they may occur when you are simply billed for services you are not using.Here's the problem. Instances of b...
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4 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Your Telecom Expense Management

​Telecom Expense Management, or "TEM", is an important tool used to organize and manage all elements of today's complex IT/telecom departments. A high quality TEM, well maintained, leads to a smooth running department and can add potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in bottom line savings.There are typically two ways you can implement your ...
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Are You Providing Strategic IT and Telecom Input? Or Are You Still Putting Out Fires?

​What shape is your IT and/or Telecom department in? Are you running a strategic IT department, or are you still being held hostage to every quick fix and work around needed to put out fires and keep communications supported?As you know, IT matters today more than ever. IT is taking on a much more strategic role as organizations struggle to or...
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Six Skills Your New IT/Telecom Hires Need

Network World posted an interesting article a couple weeks ago about the "soft skills" management needs to look for when hiring tech talent.It bears noting that, according to a Network World poll, 58% of managers cited lack of soft skills as limiting the productivity of their companies. Over half! Wow. Things are changing indeed. Here is our "take"...
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You’re Not Overpaying Invoices? Are You Sure?

​Did you know that approximately 85% of mid-sized companies perform no auditing of their telecom invoices and pay all their bills in full, month after month without recouping any over-charges?That isn't your company, you may say, but can you be sure? Most mid-sized companies process more than 3,000 invoices each year. And when was the last time you...
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What Will Be Keeping IT Leaders Up at Night This Year?

A recent survey conducted by Atrion listed out their top five IT challenges of 2017, as identified by IT leaders attending their second annual AlwaysOn technology symposium. What we like about the list is that, a) it's simple and b) doesn't try to impress with a lot of futuristic concepts that may or may not actually hit the market.Here are the top...
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Purchased in June, Still “No Go” in November…

So you purchased a new Telecom Expense Management "TEM" solution back in June and your vendor is still dragging their feet to deliver. So what happened?​If you're still struggling to deploy software that was delivered before summer vacation, you're not alone. Especially in an industry where merger after merger has resulted in companies with more pr...
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Attention C-Level Executives: TEM is More Important Than Ever!

​Anyone who says that Telecom Expense Management, or "TEM", is no longer important is not taking the enormous changes of the last 5 years into consideration. With BYOD, IoT, and more vendor choices, keeping track and managing telecom requires a more sophisticated set of tools. TEM bridges that gap.The IT folks get it. That's because they work with ...
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In-House or Outsourced TEM? Should it Still be a Question?

As IT/Telecom departments continue to run "lean and mean", the lure of hands-free operation and maintenance continues to motivate many IT folks to outsource their Telecom Expense Management (TEM). And, with all that's on the IT plates these days, it may be the best solution, hands down.​Yet for others, issues of control and security ultimately resu...
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Is Your IT Department Drowning in Data (Yet)?

An interesting article published recently on techtarget takes a look at the overwhelming amount of data being thrown off by technology; in particular, by all the devices we use. It seems there is a very small percentage that is actually being used. Why is that?​The most commonly cited reason is that we haven't yet figured out what to do with it. An...
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Inventory: Out of Sight, Out of Mind…Out of Your Pocket!

Are you paying for phones, other equipment and services you are using rarely, or not using at all?​Do you even know?​The problem with so many reporting systems is that they only show what you are actually using. So you might still be "connected" to a lot of stuff that you haven't used in months…or even years!​Like a sleeping giant, it's often easie...
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This is (Still) the Way to Save Money

​IT and Telecom continue to get piled upon with new technology, new mandates, new regulations and so on. And, chances are you have some legacy stuff hanging around as well. So, running a tight ship and planning for the future keeps getting, shall we say, more interesting? But don't forget some of the tools that have been helping you save money all ...
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