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TeleManagement Technologies, Inc.

Mobile Expense Management

On average, our mobile expense management solutions have been able to save our new clients well over 30% in annual savings on their wireless services.

For many companies, wireless expenses represent one of the biggest challenges to controlling telecom costs. From device tracking to invoice processing, significant personnel time is required to accurately review wireless billing, recoup refunds on overcharges from wireless carriers and ensure the health and proper cost allocations on devices throughout the enterprise. In many cases, internal staff simply doesn’t have the time or knowledge to properly manage mobile expenses.

TTI can help. We can assist you in achieving significant mobile costs savings results via:

  • A customized set of mobile solutions, incorporating a historical billing review
  • Rate Plan Optimization
  • Feature Review for domestic and abroad
  • Policy Creation, Mobile Governance
  • Data Modeling and What-If Scenarios

By using state of the art technology, and participating in several billing data test programs with the wireless vendors, we are able to stay ahead of the curve in understanding how to control and manage your mobile expenses.
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