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Your Post-COVID Work Strategy: IT Should Play a Major Role!

A lot has changed since back in March when businesses closed their doors and hunkered down to wait out the pandemic. And, while some doors are beginning to open, it may be awhile for others. IT managers, however, should be busy right now. If they're smart.

Why? Because, for many employees, working remotely has proven to be a positive transition. For young workers seeking a life/work balance, it has enabled them to pursue personal goals and tend to non-business needs on their own time. Older workers have been able to spend more time with their families. The bottom line is that, for many employees, remote working may be hard to give up. And they may get their way.

What all this means for IT is a wave of change that isn't going to snap back to "normal" when the pandemic ends. IT will play an important role in providing always on/available anywhere service to users in all work modes. But, with that responsibility comes an opportunity. IT management, if they plan properly, can demonstrate their value throughout the organization by proactively assessing new needs and developing a post-COVID strategy to get the most value at the least cost to the organization.

Here are three key areas where proactive IT managers should be looking to prepare to support ongoing remote working employees: 

New rules of employee engagement
As the dust settles, what are the plans for employees? It’s important to get in on the ground floor as decisions are made concerning return to work. Are some employees planning on continuing remote work? If so, where? Will they be working from home? Working in a business center? It is important to get as much insight here as possible before you make any binding technology decisions.
Technology management
Now is the time to create a blueprint of where your company needs to be over the months ahead. Much of this will depend on the mix of remote and onsite employee work strategies. The technology will need to work hand in glove with each employee. Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure that you have a strong technology expense management system “TEM” in place to keep costs low and keep track of usage. Creating a plan for how you intend to make that happen and presenting it to senior management will help pave the way for a smoother transition and help make sure everyone is in sync.
Vendor assessment and contract re-negotiation
When was the last time you gave your vendors a report card? What grade would you give them in terms of the value of their partnership and their commitment to fulfilling your needs? Once you know what you’re going to need, you’ll want to re-visit your existing suppliers and contracts. There will undoubtedly be a need to make some changes. Having a clear vision of what you need will make it easier to negotiate the best mix of services with your suppliers.
Of course, there are many layers to each of these as well as other areas that will touch IT and need to be addressed. By addressing needs and technologies up front, however, your department will be better positioned to, not only serve your end users, but will help facilitate a positive can do culture in your organization.

The good news is that TTI can help you evaluate and re-structure your mix of suppliers to negotiate for the best value at the lowest cost. Contact us, and we'll be glad to share some of what we've learned over the years, helping many organizations like yours, not only weather change but come out stronger and more viable than ever. 

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