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Tech Trends for 2019: Are You On Track?

What will be keeping you up at night this year? The same things as last year? For many IT and telecom professionals the answer is probably "yes" as you continue to struggle with harnessing technology to fit the daily needs of your end users, as well as the future plans of your organizations. It's not easy!

At TTI we interact regularly with IT managers, telecom managers, CIOs, CTOs and basically everyone in between. Here are some of the trends we're seeing shape up for this year. Let us know if you agree. 

Security, security, security.
Especially end user cybersecurity! This year we’ll see even more emphasis placed on training employees how to spot and avoid being the victim of cyber-fraud. From ransomware to spear-phishing, cybercrime is alive and thriving. Detecting and working to eliminate cybersecurity breaches will continue to be a focus for IT/Telecom departments in 2019 and beyond. As a result, applications that can help spot potential fraud and provide alerts will become more widely used.
Getting more serious about outsourcing.
There is more on the plates of IT/Telecom managers today than ever. From security to making use of (and sense of) more complex computing environments and networks, management is turning to managed service providers and other expert assistance that lies outside their organizations for help.
Using more cloud based applications
Yes, this will continue with no signs of slowing down. As cloud-computing matures, many of the old concerns about security and performance have been tackled and resolved. Cloud based applications continue to be the de facto standard platform of choice for many organizations. This is especially true for small to mid-sized companies seeking convenient access to more sophisticated tools to grow their businesses and compete.
Making use of machine learning, deep learning and other AI (Artificial Intelligence) components
The use of AI has skyrocketed in the last few years. Today most companies (Forbes estimates 80%) are incorporating some level of AI within their product platforms and applications. As IT professionals gain a better understanding of the elements of AI and practical applications thereof, we can expect to see broader and deeper use of the technology.

What is your organization doing in each of these areas? What boxes are you planning on checking off this year?

The good news is that TTI can help you with most, if not all of these. Are you taking advantage of our IT veterans who comprise our professional services team? When did you last commission an audit of your systems, network and devices? When did you last review your vendor contracts and agreements with other service providers to make sure you are getting the most for your money? We can help you overcome obstacles and get your engines back to full speed. Let us know how we can help!

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