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Is Your IT/Telecom Department Causing People to Quit?


Nintex recently conducted a survey that included 1,000 professionals from companies with over 1,000 employees. TechRepublic recently published the results of that survey. Here are some statistics that might surprise you:

  • Only 24% of those surveyed report they receive "very prompt" service from their in-house IT team.
  • 62% of those surveyed have observed broken IT processes.

These statistics, in and of themselves are problematic. The success of any IT/Telecom department hinges upon their ability to serve their end users and ensure that the network, devices and programs are all optimized to meet their needs, 24/7.

What the survey points out, however, is a troubling trend wherein employees, dissatisfied with the service they get from their IT department, take it upon themselves to select and use whatever tools they want in their efforts to support their work flow. They call it "shadow IT" and it can wreak havoc in any organization. Why? For these reasons:

  • IT/Telecom begins to lose control over devices, applications and their network.
  • Issues with unsanctioned inventory can hamstring an already overburdened IT department.
  • The organization ends up paying for services, devices and programs that are not being used
  • IT/Telecom lacks visibility for purposes of paying invoices and renewing contracts.

The list goes on. And if the problem isn't fixed quickly, employees will only continue to take things into their own hands. The result is an increasingly dysfunctional IT/Telecom department, a hit to their reputation and a major disconnect from the rest of the organization. Not good.

How to avoid the "shadow IT" practice from derailing your department's efforts to keep control? Before things continue to spiral out of control, bring in a professional. At TTI we have helped hundreds of companies get their IT/Telecom departments back in ship shape. A professional who understands IT can help untangle the issues and help identify where performance gaps are and how to rectify long standing issues. They can also help with updating and upgrading old equipment, services and programs. And, finally, they can install a powerful Telecom Expense Management tool and Call Accounting to get and keep visibility over all devices, systems and the people who use them.

These kinds of numbers shouldn't be ignored. If you are starting to notice employees "doing their own thing" instead of using corporate approved devices and systems, the time to take control is now. Let us know how we can help!..

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