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Is Your IT Department Drowning in Data (Yet)?


An interesting article published on techtarget takes a look at the overwhelming amount of data being thrown off by technology; in particular, by all the devices we use. It seems there is a very small percentage that is actually being used. Why is that?​

The most commonly cited reason is that we haven't yet figured out what to do with it. And that's okay, according to the experts. Better to have too much than not enough. But, they all agree, eventually, that data will be needed, somewhere, in some format by someone. So here are four ways to make sure that you are ready to optimize the use of IoT data when and where it becomes needed:​

Make a top down decision what you want to do with the data your devices and systems are collecting.
Make everyone throughout your organization aware of the data that is available. Don't let third party vendors tell you what you need. You decide.​
You may not need the data, but who does?
These days marketing and IT are working closer together than ever before as IT holds the keys to unlocking the valuable data marketers need to better target and engage prospects.​​
Make sure you have the infrastructure to siphon off data and get it where it needs be.
Data that isn't needed now may be needed downstream. Having a platform that is flexible enough to dynamically respond to needs, and which integrates with other applications, such as ERP, CRM and billing systems will be instrumental in making this happen.​​
Use your expert resources.
It's hard to handle everything in house. You have suppliers, providers and other third party vendors. Use their collective knowledge and skills to your advantage.​​

At TTI, we know that our clients are managing more data every day. Often the lines are blurred between traditional data sources and new ones. We're here to help you manage and control all your devices and the data that they produce; not only for today, but for whatever comes your way tomorrow.

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