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4 Key IoT Challenges Face IT Managers


The Internet of Things. Better known as IoT, a technological phenomenon born from the ability to embed sensors and other components into everyday devices and items to allow us to collect data from them. Lots of data. And, while IoT brings an amazing new level of intelligent information to businesses, there are challenges to IoT and the big data it produces. Fortunately, innovative developers are emerging to fill performance and security gaps. Here are 4 key areas to keep an eye on:

More data across more networks means a greater exposure to hacking. We’ve all heard the horror stories of networks being hijacked and access gained to financial, health and other private information. Fortunately, developers are working to get out in front of the security curve, in many cases building devices with security built in to them.
Data analysis
Big data is more challenging to manage and analyze. Which data has value? Which data can be discarded? How do you bring the right data elements together to make intelligent decisions about how it can be used? Tools like artificial intelligence “AI”, machine learning and other methods of analyzing data are increasingly being used to optimize the value of big data to organizations.
With all the great strides that have been made, the lack of attention to standards has often held back some of the progress. Fortunately, more and more developers are creating open interfaces and are developing platforms that make integration with other systems easier.
As great as the cloud is for accessing applications and storing vast amounts of data, the nature of the cloud can create issues with latency. New computing strategies and technologies are emerging that allow for the analysis of data closer to where the data is generated, which is expected to help reduce latency.

IoT and big data are great for business, but they're putting even more strain on already maxed-out IT managers who are expected to pull it all together and find ways to flow useful data throughout their organization. That's why it's important to keep ahead of the curve in terms of the challenges IoT presents in terms of standards, latency, data analysis and security. Make sure you are working with suppliers who understand IoT and what it takes to meet those challenges.

Finally, make sure you are focusing on IoT initiatives that clearly support your strategic direction. They will be better understood and embraced by senior management and corporate stakeholders. Take the time to make that determination before you embark on any IoT project. That will make all the difference.

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