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The Top 5 Mistakes IT Managers Make

The Top 5 Mistakes IT Managers Make

Few careers have experienced the rapidly changing dynamics of IT management. Today's IT managers are tasked with not only making the right choices but making them work in an increasingly complex work environment, with a new generation of employees.

These dynamics have led, in some cases, to "survival of the fittest", separating out those managers who have been unable or unwilling to adapt and respond.

We know this because we work with IT and telecom managers every day. We've heard their stories as we help them navigate through the challenges of advancing technologies, not to mention managing a new kind of workforce with very different needs from a generation ago.

Along the way, they've shared with us some of the mistakes they wish they hadn't made. We've listed the top 5 here with hopes you can keep from making them yourself:
  1. Too focused on strategy at the expense of building culture.People are your strongest asset. Part of building a positive culture means removing those who are toxic to your work environment and nurturing those who will build a strong, unified workforce.

  2. Sacrificing quality decisions in exchange for fast action.Trying to move too fast will lead to making mistakes and spending too much time putting out fires. It can also lead to burnout. Make a schedule with clear steps. Make it realistic. You can’t do everything at one. Get buy-in on priorities. Then follow it.

  3. Tunnel vision. You need to look at the big picture, not just at your role. Communicate with colleagues in other departments. Take more time to understand how the technology you bring into the company impacts the business as a whole.

  4. Stagnating in a business-as-usual mindset.Stay up to date and educated about technology. Enroll in classes, attend seminars and conferences. All are key to getting on top of your game and staying there.

  5. Going for the shiny objects at the expense of trusted tools. Your objectives should always be the drivers behind implementation of technology. And, sometimes it’s the road-tested tools that will do the job. An example is technology expense management (TEM). A good TEM will take the heat off of management when it comes to making sure they are not being over-charged or charged in error by service providers and vendors.

​So, how do you measure up? Are you making some of these mistakes? If so, you're not alone! But now is the time to reach out to trusted colleagues and friends. Listen to your employees. Start opening doors to discussion. That's how you can get back on course. And feel free to contact us. Our veteran IT professionals know your world. We live it every day. Let us know your challenges. We can help.

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