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If You Do Nothing Else This Summer, Do This!

If You Do Nothing Else This Summer, Do This!

 Hard to believe but summer is right around the corner!

Summer often brings a lull to most businesses. In many ways it can be maddening, as some of your best prospects may decide to put off making decisions "until everyone is back from vacation". That's when everything you wanted to wrap up before summer gets back-burnered until fall.

But summer can be a very productive time of year for smart CIOs and IT managers. Because those delayed projects clear the way to get things done that are under your control. Sometimes more than a few thing. And if those things can save you money in the process what better time than now to tackle them?

For instance, when was the last time you did a deep dive of your invoices and supplier contracts?

The "summer lull" is a great to conduct an audit of everything you are currently paying for. Here are a few areas to look into:

Are you paying for equipment that has been sitting unused in a back cabinet? This happens more often than you might think. A thorough inspection of invoices will reveal these charges. They may seem insignificant on a one-off basis, but they really add up.
Service contracts
Go through all your contracts to identify any that are being renewed over and over again for services you may no longer be using. Are you still paying the same rate for services that you paid a few years ago? Time to renegotiate those contracts. Left unchallenged, your vendors will continue to charge you even when a better rate could be negotiated. Now is the time to find out.
Invoice errors and anomalies
Did you know that 85% of IT/telecom invoices contain errors? That means there is a likelihood that you’re overpaying or paying twice for services and applications. That could include paying late fees or fees for long since disconnected services. Getting tighter control over this can save you thousands of dollars.

You may think this isn't a big problem and that you have everything under control.

But having worked over the years with some of the best IT professionals in business today, we've found that most are quick to admit that the day in/day out job of providing cutting edge services to their end users doesn't leave a lot of time to analyze every dollar spent.

That's why they depend on IT/telecom audits to keep expenses down. By the way, these aren't a bunch of guys with clipboards telling you what you're doing wrong. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Today's IT auditors are true colleagues, working with IT/telecom department heads to identify areas where they can save thousands of dollars, and keep on saving. They only look good when they make the IT department heads look good.

If it's been a few years since you did an IT/telecom "deep dive", reach out to us. We can show you what today's IT audits look like. No obligation. But we think you'll like what you see.

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TeleManagement Technologies, Incorporated (TTI) provides Telecom Expense Management and Call Accounting solutions designed to effectively track, integrate, manage and protect an organization's information technology resources. TTI's TEM solution, WinBill®, has developed a reputation for an impressive ROI, with clients reporting savings of 300% or more! WinCall® Call Accounting tracks all domestic and international locations regardless of PBX type (analog, digital, VoIP) to facilitate internal bill back, identify PBX toll fraud and increase employee productivity. Extensive reporting capabilities are also included for planning purposes. TTI's experienced, responsive support team helps keep CFOs and IT/Telecom departments in total control of their technology expenses.

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