Straight Talk on Cutting Costs to CEOs and CFOs:

Start with a Deep Dive on Your Telecom and IT Expense

Today's telecom is full of surprises!

If you're older than 40, you remember the days when ISDN first hit the scene, fiber optics was the buzz word and voice and data were often different departments. We thought that was crazy. Today's telecom is full of surprises. New trends such as BYOD and ever-changing service providers with a parade of new contracts and bundles make the telecom/IT department one of the most challenging to manage. It might not be too bad if technology was all they had to deal with. But people come and go, requiring fast work to deactivate access, reassign equipment, change passwords, etc. Most departments have experienced some downsizing, so on top of all that they are often doing more with less people power. They are expected to answer to senior management, HR, and virtually anything to do with computers, bandwidth, and general fix it projects.

Stop Expecting Telecom/IT To Conduct Their Own Audits

On top of all this, there comes the notion of optimizing all services, equipment and contracts to get the best possible deal, with zero waste and ideal performance. Now it gets tricky for the following reason: Telecom analysts and managers are simply too close to the source to be able to objectively audit all their contracts, equipment and expenses. It's not that they are inept, it just reflects the world they inhabit, hectic, all things to all people, taking the heat for just about any malfunction. If you've ever spent any time in a telecom/IT department, you know that this is not an ideal atmosphere for concentrating, analyzing and organizing.

Often the mandate comes from the top to get a handle on costs --- any costs. And that mandate ultimately crosses the paths of overworked telecom/IT people who then have to fly into action, organizing, taking inventory, assessing contracts and writing reports, all the while trying to keep any fires from getting out of control. To their credit, they usually are able to find a few ways to cut expenses, and everyone is happy for awhile until the next red ink appears and they are hammered again to find new ways to save.

Real Management Means Knowing What and When to Outsource

We at TTI would like to first acknowledge the hard work of telcom/IT folks and praise their tireless efforts. We'd also like to have a word with everyone else in the organization who might be operating under the illusion that telecoms should be able to do everything, plus keep the lid on expenses. They can, but not in the traditional "do it all yourself" way. That's why we have things like software as a service, cloud apps, managed services, etc. Prudent managers know that managing doesn't mean doing everything yourself.

100% Dedicated Deep Dive Gets Into the Corners

Third party telecom consultants typically do dozens of audits per year. They can go in and concentrate solely on the work at hand, without being called away to respond to a trouble ticket, move a line, add a number, pull an account, you name it. They are free to put 100% focus on your bills, your contracts, your equipment and how you want to manage it. That's why an audit usually results savings equal to a minimum of 5-10% of your monthly telecom spend. Additional professional services, including strategic sourcing activities, contract re-negotiation and bill reconciliation, can add thousands of dollars worth of added savings. Many savvy Telecom/IT departments then opt to use the thousands of saved dollars to purchase a Telecom Expense Management tool (TEM). Adding in the benefits of TEM and to keep the savings machinery running and make sure they continue to stay organized and cost efficient.

Let Telecom and IT Do What They Do Best

Smart IT/Telecom managers use an external audit as a tool that allows them to continue doing the heavy lifting of managing, knowing that they are making a savvy move to keep costs under control, find hiding savings and provide some badly needed cash flow in tough times.

We hope you will pass this along to the people who need to see it. Whether you use TTI for your audits and WinBill® for your TEM or not, the message is clear as a bell: Using an unencumbered, third party expert to conduct an audit that will pay for itself in about 6 months and continue to save money is simply good management.

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