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Forecast, Budget and Manage!

Forecast, Budget and Manage!

Forecast, Budget and Manage!

TEM: More important today than ever

Did you know that IT/Telecom expense is the third highest expense in most organizations? New tools are needed to manage rapidly changing technologies and infrastructures.

Are you on top of it?

  • Do you have an accurate inventory of all of your IT services?
  • Are you getting the negotiated contract rates from your carriers?
  • Are you still paying for disconnected circuits or cell phones?
  • Are you paying late payment fees every month?
  • How do you keep track of these expenses?
  • Do you have a single centralized database or is business intelligence spread out throughout the organization in multiple spreadsheets and databases?

TTI’s Telecom Expense Management “TEM” solution, WinBill® offers you a comprehensive and flexible solution to help you analyze, control and reduce your monthly IT/telecom spend across your entire enterprise.

Available for any environment as installed software or hosted through the cloud, the WinBill® platform creates an easily accessible, centralized database of information customized to provide your enterprise with:

  • Accurate inventory of all IT/telecom services, vendors, contracts and expenses
  • Automation of your entire IT/telecom expense process
  • Management of your IT/telecom budget
  • Tracking of recoveries and billing disputes with your vendors
  • Elimination of late payment fees
  • Flexible reporting tools (scheduled on-prem or web-accessible reports)

Installed software or Hosted through the Cloud
WinBill® software automatically imports any electronic format of billing information from your carriers, vendors and service providers eliminating the labor intensive manual data entry which like any manual process can have errors. All expense information can be automatically interfaced with your company's AP software or system (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc) to further expedite your IT payment process.

Is your billing information buried in spreadsheets and other databases? Our WinBill® software includes a Database Integration platform that can automatically import information from spreadsheets or other internal databases. This is especially useful to companies using Excel, Active Directory, PeopleSoft, ERP or other databases to manage such functions as Human Resources.

You can also tap the same powerful software through a convenient online interface. The WinBill® on the Web reporting tool securely provides timely expense reporting information to your users based on their log in and password. This indispensable web tool allows your personnel to access billing information on their cost center, region, department and more via the web 24 X 7!

WinBill® is the Telecommunications Expense Management Solution that gives you the power to better Forecast, Budget and Manage your organization's IT expenses.

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