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Outsourced Telecom Expense Management

Today’s IT and Telecom management cuts across several areas, including networks, security, risk, regulatory issues, suppliers and contract negotiations. If you are in charge of running an IT/Telecom department, you are aware of the constant effort required to maintain quality services to your end users and to stay on top of this dynamically changing environment.

One of the most useful tools you can use to help manage that environment is a Telecom Expense Management system or “TEM”. And, as with all tools, to get the optimum results requires dedication and diligence. Who have you assigned to do this?

The truth is that, given the complexities and the changing nature of technology, regulations and suppliers, IT/Telecom managers need to be strategic about how they use their valuable time. Because of this, many organizations have discovered the benefits of outsourcing their TEM. It frees them up to attend to key operational issues and lend their expertise in more strategic ways.

TTI is expert at handling TEM needs from beginning to end. When you outsource your TEM to TTI, our staff becomes your “expense management” arm. All your IT/Telecom invoices are uploaded into our world-class WinBill® platform. Then you decide how much you want us to do for you:

  • Invoice processing
  • Full monthly audits (fixed fee or shared fee)
  • Wireless optimization and auditing
  • Bill payment
  • Provisioning assistance
  • Reports (customizable)
  • Stewardship meetings
  • ROI reporting
  • Other customizable services

When it comes to TEM outsourcing, TTI is unparalleled in performance and experience. We know how to save you money, optimize your contracts and services, and help you prepare for what may be lurking around the corner. TTI has been providing TEM services to organizations for 30 years. We are well equipped to provide you with superior, white glove management of your monthly invoicing and life cycle management needs.
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