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Case Study - Educational

A large University in the Pacific Northwest needed to replace their call accounting system. The University needed to find a call accounting solution that fit their specific call accounting requirements. Their primary requirements for a replacement call accounting solution was that it provide flexible functionality, have an open industry standard database and allow them the ability to schedule and e-mail ad hoc reports to meet the changing needs of their internal IT organization.

A major consideration of their evaluation criteria was to select a company that was adept at consistently providing excellent customer service and support. Their current call accounting provider did not reply to their service requests in a timely manner. When they had questions regarding creating reports or database administration they frequently had to wait days for a response. Generating reports was always a time consuming task. The administrative time alone to manage the Directory Changes and report requests of the users required up to 30 hours per week. The University has over 45 Department Managers that need to have monthly management reports on a regularly scheduled basis. The University needed to automate the scheduling of reports and have the ability to integrate their internal HR Directory to automate the daunting task of performing the hundreds of monthly Adds/Moves/Changes. "Our current CAS product does not have the flexible reporting tools that we need. We need a company that will work with us and understand our requirements now and in the future," said the Telecommunications Analyst for the University.

Upon implementation of WinCall® the University saved hundreds of hours in daily call accounting administration. The daily changes of employees, department reorganizations and report generation have all been eliminated with WinCall®. The addition of new extensions, ongoing department changes, new hires and organizational changes has all been automated with WinCall® and its Directory Integration module. Daily, weekly and monthly reports that were required of the Administrator have all been automated thanks to WinCall®. All of the standard reports, as well as the on-going ad-hoc report requests are now being sent via e-mail to any given number of recipients.

TTI's WinCall® software has completely automated the University's Call Accounting administrative needs. Additionally, WinCall® was able to provide the dynamic functionality that the 5 other systems the University reviewed said they could add to their applications. "The Support Team at TTI is excellent," stated the Telecommunications Manager. "Not only are we able to talk to a live person when we call but we receive prompt assistance and answers to all of our questions. We were asked recently to produce reports that we thought were impossible. The WinCall Support team helped us to create these reports in less than an hour! On another occasion we received several threatening phone calls. We contacted TTI for assistance and they helped us create a report in WinCall to determine the origin of the calls which helped us provide documentation to the local Police Department to identify the offender." said the Telecommunications Manager.

The University is now embarking on implementing TTI's WinCall® on the Web application to allow the Department Managers to generate their own reports, using a secure web page. Now, in addition to the receipt of e-mailed reports, administrators can generate reports wherever and whenever they want, all with an Internet browser.

"The quality, design and ease of implementation of WinCall® are the result of significant product development. The knowledgeable and helpful support team is a pleasure to work with. Having a company that truly listens to your needs can make a big difference in the software implementation process," stated the WinCall® administrator.